About Jay Connolly.

Jay Connolly is a Leicestershire based artist who creates amazing paintings. The variety and quality of Jay's artwork is unrivaled and his attention to detail uncompromising. 

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On the outskirts of a rural Leicestershire village, in a quiet studio surrounded by sporting memorabilia sits a blank canvas.  Music surrounds the room interrupted only by the sound of paint covered fingers as they start to stroke the canvas. Presented with his easel, armed only with his trusty paints and an assortment of brushes Jay Connolly begins the challenge of creating another unique piece of art. Jay has been painting for less than 5 years and yet in this time he has gained an international fan base of customers within the UK and overseas who are amazed with the paintings he creates.

Jay is a self taught artist from Leicestershire who only started painting in spring 2013. He had last picked up a paint brush whilst in Secondary school in 1996, ironically missing his art exam in favor of attending an Oasis gig in Manchester. Seventeen years have passed since then and after spending many nights in home looking after his then 2 year old daughter he needed something to occupy his time and the urge to paint returned.

"I decided to visit my local art and craft store and brought a cheap set of kids acrylic paints and paint brushes. I had never painted using acrylic paints before so this was all new to me. I started off just painting in black and white on a sketch pad and soon I was painting most nights. Each painting I did notably improved so then I decided to start painting on canvas and then moved on to using colours. Since then I have made quite an impression it seems in a short space of time. My paintings are owned by some of the worlds top sports stars and I have gained many followers and collectors from around the world."

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